WC 17th September

This week in Rowan Class we have been busy thinking about our topic ‘all about me’.

We painted our faces with Mrs Hewings for our classroom display. We were very careful to look in the mirror and colour match our features.

We also made our own faces using the transient art and our own bodies and clothes using the dolly pegs. We learnt about being kind friends and how to look after others. We talked about how we are all different and all special. We listened carefully to each other about how we are special and about the things that make us who we are.

We read the story of Elmer and learnt about how difference is great. We then made very careful colourings of Elephants thinking of our own patterns.


Our first week in Rowan Class

Last week was our first week in Rowan Class.

We have made lots of new friends and played games that helped everyone to get to know each other. We have explored our classroom and had a go at being independent learners in the environment.

We learnt lots. We learnt how to come into school in the mornings, how to put on our slippers and our wellies and where they need to be kept. We learnt about all the different things that happen in Rowan Class, like ringing the bell and wiggling our fingers. Some of us had a go at being the special helper.

We created our Rowan Class rules together and sprinkled our own magic sand onto them to show that we will follow them. Mr Wolf wasn’t quite sure of our rules, so we have spent time showing him how to follow them.