Super number writing

This week we have been very busy recognising and counting our numbers. We have been very careful with our counting.

We enjoyed carrying out our river jobs (learning jobs that connect to the specific maths or literacy learning for the week). When we complete a job, we get a special sticker.

We have also been busy writing our numbers. We practised them carefully and we were proud when we could write them all.


Autumn Stay and Play

This week in Rowan Class, we welcomed our adults to join us in our learning. We showed them how we learn phonics and they got to meet Fred, our blending puppet.

In our outside area, we practised writing the new sounds that we had learnt using different media. We used paint, chalk, water tooth brushes and crayons. As we wrote we said our letter hook.

We loved showing them around our classroom and showing them how we do independent learning.