Ahoy me Dandelion

This week in Dandelion Class we were visited by the Night Pirates. They left us a message in the fence and asked us to help them to map out their story. We thought carefully about the story and added detail for them to follow. They then left us a message about a boat competition. We designed and labelled our own boats. We were so careful with our work that we received two Dandelion clocks on our reward stem.

We spent the rest of the week doing all things pirate and role played boats, built a pirate den, made our own boats and experimented with floating and sinking.


Teddy bear picnic

This week we have been thinking about bears ready for our picnic with our new Dandelion Class. We have made bear faces using our funky fingers and role played the story of the bear hunt. In our literacy learning we have created travel stories and maps.

On Tuesday we made treats for our new friends. We enjoy cooking and following the instructions.

Then on Thursday we had our picnic. We had a great time meeting the new class and playing together. They enjoyed our treat.


We saw a parachute in the sky at playtime and we decided that we would like to make our own parachutes. We got into pairs and had a little plastic animal to transport. We decided on the material we would like to use and how to connect it altogether. Then Miss Bailey went on to the platform and release our parachutes. We all cheered for each other as they reached the ground.

Dandelion’s treat

Yesterday Dandelion had their Treat. Over the weeks we have achieved 20 Dandelion clocks on our reward chart. Before we started, we agreed that we would like ice lollies and popcorn as the treat. The day before we had achieved our last three for fantastic listening at swimming.

We tiptoed through the grass in our outside area to our shaded area under the tree. We sat and enjoyed an ice lolly and some yummy popcorn.

The zoo

We enjoyed our trip to the zoo. We arrived early and were able to look at the flamingos. When we were inside, we made our way to the education centre. We had a learning session about animals, including what they do and how they are looked after. After the session, we were able to look at and touch the interesting objects in the classroom. There was an elephants tusk, a snake skin and lots of bones.

Then we went for a walk around the zoo and saw lots of other animals. Thank you so much to our parents who came with us. We had a great day.